Thursday, June 16, 2011

NYC Experience: Day 1, Part 2 - A "FABULOUS" Night on the Town

Ok, so after we finished the FABULOUS afternoon with Jessica Paster & the wonderful ladies of JustFab, it's now time to get ready for a night out on the town. We headed back to the hotel to change before going out. When we entered the room, I found a wonderful little "TREAT" waiting on my bed. It contained thee most precious postcard from the President of JustFabulous, Lizzie Francis. There were also some great souvoniers, as well as Vogue, Cosmopolitan & In Style magazines. Talk about FABULOUS!!!

We had a little bit of time to chill before it was time to leave out. And it turned out that me and Chanda's rooms were conjoined. So we propped our doors open and chatted for about an hour and a half. And let me tell you, Chanda is one of THEE SWEETEST and most down to earth girls around. It was like we've known each other for ages, instead of just having met a couple hours prior. Great convo!

Alright, now it's time for a wardrobe change! I really wanted to try something different with my outfit. So I emailed my girl Julie a quick picture of the outfit I had in mind, and she gave me a FABULOUS tip on a color pop. Here's a quick pic of what we decided on below.

Jordyn & Desire from JustFab
Lizzie (President of Justab) & Shannon (JustFab's "Social Media Ninja") were waiting in the lobby for us. They took us to La Esquina for cocktails and dinner. Sarah & I arrived before Chanda, so ofcourse we had a quick photo shoot while waiting! lol

Me & my girl Tee - LOVE her!!

Me & Sarah - she is SO adorable & really sweet! 

ITS ME!!! Wearing Jordyn & Desire - Jordyn's were VERY comfy! I had them on the ENTIRE night and my feet were NOT angry with me for one moment! lol

We chilled at the bar for a little while, where we chatted with Lizzie & Shannon. And then we were taken to our table. I had an absolutely AMAZING time with every one. Great conversation, great food, great laughs, and most importantly, great MEMORIES! Thanks again to JustFab for bringing me out here! Here are a few more pictures from our night out.

Chanda chillin at the bar 

Shannon - JustFab's "Social Media Ninja" (LOVE HER!!!)

Kim (left) & Lizzie Francis (right) - President of JustFabulous (LOVE HER!!) 

Tee & I before dinner was served

GROUP PHOTO (sorry, the lighting was a bit dim)

This corn was AWESOME!!!

Chanda's first time trying the corn - FUNNY moment! lol

SURPRISE!!! Lizzie told our waiter is was Tee's birthday, so they brought her cake! lol

I couldn't have asked for a better first day in NYC! JustFabulous planned the most FABULOUS time for us! When I got back to my room, I had another little "TREAT" waiting on the bed for me (the bag said "Sweet Caramel" lol). This one was from Jessica Paster. Make sure you check back for updates on what was in the bag! ;)

I'll be back with more updates soon!

Until then,


  1. Your outfit looked great! I love the orange and blue together. :) Day one sounded like a great time. I can't wait for details on day two!

  2. Awww... seems like so much fun!!!! :D


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