Sunday, July 31, 2011

JustFab "Elite" TREAT - August

I thought I’d give you a special TREAT to close out July. I have the awesome pleasure of viewing my JustFabulous boutique one day early. So for those who follow the blog, I wanted to go ahead and share my August TREATS with you NOW! Take a look at some of the goodies that will be in boutiques on tomorrow morning! Some of the pics are from my personalized boutique, and others are what you can look forward to finding in the Haute List tab.

Are you ready for your TREAT? INDULGE Divas! ♥

Now if you are not yet a JustFabulous member, you can sign up now and get any of these TREATS for 50% OFF when you buy within 24 hours of 


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You Can Call Me "Rock Star Diva" ♥ ShoeDazzle

Hello Divas & Gents! I’m gonna tell you about a different kinda TREAT today! As I stated in yesterday’s post, I hadn’t been able to find much with ShoeDazzle lately. But again, there were these two TREATS that caught my attention. I told you about Samara in the last post, and she was indeed worthy of a post from this ShoeDiva. But today, you can call me a “Rock Star Diva”!

I’ve been a member of ShoeDazzle for almost two years now. But I’ve only purchased jewelry from them ONCE since they began selling it. There were a few pieces here and there that I thought were nice, but didn’t like well enough to make a quick purchase. However, that was NOT the case when I saw this particular TREAT! I was nervous about the fitting of the ring when I viewed the set in my showroom, but was happy to find it has an adjustable band. Rock Star comes with 17 (seventeen) bangle bracelets, which include a variation of rhinestone studded, engraved & plain silver bracelets. Absolutely DAZZLIN'! ♥ I loved it in my showroom, and was completely hand over heels when I received her! Sign up now to find a rockin' set of your own! 

Ready for pics? Coming right up! Ready, Set…INDULGE!

To top off my TREAT, I received this unexpected, yet delightful postcard from Anna Dazzle on last week. I had never received such a personal touch from ShoeDazzle before, so this certainly put a warm smile on my face! Take a look!

And there you have it! Very satisfied with my second jewelry purchase from ShoeDazzle! If they continue to "rock" my jewelry box with hot items like this, I'm sure to indulge again! 


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Smokin' ♥Samara♥ from ShoeDazzle

Lately, I haven’t seen much in my ShoeDazzle showroom that I just had to have. Over the last couple of months, I’ve had to search through friend’s showrooms or fan photos to find something that peaked my interest. But this month, there were two TREAT that caught my eye. I'll tell you about the other a little later, but for now let's talk about the first one. When I first saw her, I was in like, not love. But the more I began to see the other dazzlin divas post pictures, I began to fall [in love]. And after just a few days, it was time I indulged in this TREAT called Samara.

Samara dazzled me not only with her zebra-print sling back style, but her pink platform adds a gorgeous pop of color, and the black heel completes the look of this TREAT! I do suggest going up ½ size in this one, but other than that she is very comfy! Samara is still available in just about ALL SIZES, so sign up now and indulge!

One last tid-bit for you before I share my TREAT: If you hurry, you can snag Samara for just $19 through this Groupon Deal. Groupon deals are for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY, so “Grab Your Groupon” and then click here to sign up with ShoeDazzle to enjoy! *off expires at 11:59pm EST 7/31/2011*

Alright, enough talk! Ready for your TREAT?? Indulge!


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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Few Weekend "TREATS" 7/30/2011

Happy Saturday Divas & Gents! I’m a little tardy with this post (it's been a busy couple of days), but I have a few TREATS to get you through the weekend. LET’S INDULGE!

First up is ShoeDazzle TREAT
Mel B's sister - Mirage (coming Aug 10)
Photo via ShoeDazzle
Now this is the last weekend that you can Take Two on select styles. They added quite a few new styles this week, so be sure to take a look. But just in case you don’t find anything under that tab, I’ve still got a TREAT for you. Sign up now or log in and use COUPON CODE: STYLEME20 and get 20% OFF one item. *TREAT only valid for one use*

Next is a Groupon TREAT
Photo via Groupon
With August right around the corner, you’ll want to take advantage of this TREAT right now! The infamous Mel B shoe, along with her sister Mirage (picture shown above), are due for a re-release to EVERYONE on August 10th. So this would be a great time to snag an extra credit so that you can get her. Click here to Grab Your Groupon and pay just $19 for one ShoeDazzle credit ($39.95 value). *TREAT expires at midnight on 7/31/2011*

Next is your JustFabulous TREAT
View original post on Makeeda
Lots and lots of talk about JustFab's Style of the Month shoe, Makeeda. She’s a HAUTE one, and is still available in all colors! Sign up now to get yours for 50% OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE when you buy within 24 hours of joining. Click here to open a new account and indulge in this TREAT! Trust me, this is one TREAT you DON’T want to pass on!

Photo via
Now through August 1st, you can use COUPON CODE: SAVE 20 and get 20% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER. Be sure to check the New Arrivals tab to some tasty TREATS!

Lastly, a Sole Society TREAT
July Closet
Last but not least, I'll refresh your memory on the Sole Society TREATS. NEW CUSTOMERS can have plenty of coupon codes to choose from for a discount on your first purchase:
for 50% off for ALL CUSTOMERS (expires 7/31)
valid on styles Gillian, Taylor, Fantasia, Selena or Amelia
for 30% off (expires 7/31)
for $10 off (expires 7/31)
for $10 off (expires 7/31)
for $10 off (expires 7/31)

Ok, so that should keep you busy until August when new boutiques and closets open up!


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Friday, July 29, 2011

A Fellow Blogger Shines the "SHOE"light on Me

Photo editing courtesy of Mia & MsChanda
As you know, I was Blessed to win a trip and experience NYC courtesy of JustFabulous and their Show Us Your Style contest. I had the pleasure of meeting the two other winners, Sarah and Chanda. They are SERIOUSLY two of the sweetest gals around, and happen to be fellow bloggers. Well, Chanda has started doing something new, different and quite unique with her blog. She began a “SHOE”light, where she shines the spotlight on fellow shoe lovers. She started out with her baby girl, Caryss doing a miniature interview, which was so adorable! And guess who’s in the “SHOE”light this week?? You got it…ME!! Head on over to page and check out "This Week's "SHOE"light ♥ Sweet Caramel". I think it’s a FABULOUS thing she’s doing, and had lots of fun answering the questions! Thanks for shining the light on me girlie!

Until next time,
Hugs+Heels ♥

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finish the Week w/this Groupon TREAT!

Photo via Groupon
Here’s a little something to get you through the last two days of this week. Grab your Groupon and pay only $19 for one ShoeDazzle credit ($39.95 valid). This one does not expire until midnight on 7/30/2011. So for my fellow Divas who may be in between pay periods, you’ll be able to take advantage of this one on payday! As always, its for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY. So after you purchase your Groupon TREAT, you’ll need to open a new ShoeDazzle account in order to enjoy! Don't forget, ShoeDazzle's Take Two deal is going on through 7/31, so this should come in handy for that deal as well! Ready, set…CLICK & INDULGE!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ShoeDazzle Dropped the Bomb[shell] on Me!

Happy Hump Day Divas & Gents! Last week, I showed you a lot of JustFab stuff. So for the rest of the week, I’ll show you mostly more of my ShoeDazzle collection. Now if you’ll remember, earlier this month I told you about the celebrity shoe for the month of July, which is designed by Carmen Electra. It was available for pre-order, but would not ship out until around the 12th or so. Well after a long wait, I finally received my TREAT! And her name was Bombshell!

I haven’t quite decided how I feel about this one. I’m usually all for the “sparkle”, but maybe the suspense of the shipping time killed my excitement. But when the smoke cleared from the constant trips to the window to check for UPS,  this glittery, satin slingback is kinda hot! I like this particular shade of blue on the shoe…it’s different from the colors in my closet right now. The shoe is pretty comfy & true to size for me. But honestly, I just can't decide on this one and think I need some opinions. Take a look for yourself below. And if you like Bombshell, you can Grab a Groupon and TREAT yourself this beauty. With this Groupon TREAT, you pay just $19 for one ShoeDazzle credit ($39.95 value). Again, the deal is for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY, so click here to open a new ShoeDazzle account and enjoy yout Groupon TREAT!

Alright, alright! Ready for your TREAT? BOOM - here it is! 

 100% of profits will benefit One Voice, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Los Angeles-area families living in poverty. For more information, visit
And there you have it! Tell me what you think about her. Did YOU order Bombshell from ShoeDazzle? What will you style her with? Leave a comment below to share!

Until next time,
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Favorite Give Away - And the Winners are...

Thanks to all the beautiful Divas who entered my Summer Favorite Give Away! It was a real TREAT to hear about all of your Faves. And I enjoyed the pictures too! Alright, I won't keep you in suspense any longer!

And the winners are….

Winner #1...Julissa Loza
Julissa's shoes are apart of the JustFab's Iron Fist Collection (Ingrid)
Sign up now and get them for 50% OFF
After Dark Gift Set from AVON (Necklace & Earring set)

Winner #2...Karen Danielle Smith
Handmade Bracelet w/matching Necklace from Belladazzle
CONGRATULATIONS DIVAS! Please email your shipping information to

Thanks again to all of the Divas who entered the give away. This will NOT be the last one, so stay tuned!

*winners were selected using number generator

Until next time,
Hugs+Heels ♥