Friday, July 29, 2011

A Fellow Blogger Shines the "SHOE"light on Me

Photo editing courtesy of Mia & MsChanda
As you know, I was Blessed to win a trip and experience NYC courtesy of JustFabulous and their Show Us Your Style contest. I had the pleasure of meeting the two other winners, Sarah and Chanda. They are SERIOUSLY two of the sweetest gals around, and happen to be fellow bloggers. Well, Chanda has started doing something new, different and quite unique with her blog. She began a “SHOE”light, where she shines the spotlight on fellow shoe lovers. She started out with her baby girl, Caryss doing a miniature interview, which was so adorable! And guess who’s in the “SHOE”light this week?? You got it…ME!! Head on over to page and check out "This Week's "SHOE"light ♥ Sweet Caramel". I think it’s a FABULOUS thing she’s doing, and had lots of fun answering the questions! Thanks for shining the light on me girlie!

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Hugs+Heels ♥

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  1. YAY!!!!  Thanks for doing it doll!


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