Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ShoeDazzle Dropped the Bomb[shell] on Me!

Happy Hump Day Divas & Gents! Last week, I showed you a lot of JustFab stuff. So for the rest of the week, I’ll show you mostly more of my ShoeDazzle collection. Now if you’ll remember, earlier this month I told you about the celebrity shoe for the month of July, which is designed by Carmen Electra. It was available for pre-order, but would not ship out until around the 12th or so. Well after a long wait, I finally received my TREAT! And her name was Bombshell!

I haven’t quite decided how I feel about this one. I’m usually all for the “sparkle”, but maybe the suspense of the shipping time killed my excitement. But when the smoke cleared from the constant trips to the window to check for UPS,  this glittery, satin slingback is kinda hot! I like this particular shade of blue on the shoe…it’s different from the colors in my closet right now. The shoe is pretty comfy & true to size for me. But honestly, I just can't decide on this one and think I need some opinions. Take a look for yourself below. And if you like Bombshell, you can Grab a Groupon and TREAT yourself this beauty. With this Groupon TREAT, you pay just $19 for one ShoeDazzle credit ($39.95 value). Again, the deal is for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY, so click here to open a new ShoeDazzle account and enjoy yout Groupon TREAT!

Alright, alright! Ready for your TREAT? BOOM - here it is! 

 100% of profits will benefit One Voice, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Los Angeles-area families living in poverty. For more information, visit
And there you have it! Tell me what you think about her. Did YOU order Bombshell from ShoeDazzle? What will you style her with? Leave a comment below to share!

Until next time,
Hugs+Heels ♥


  1. Hi Miss Mia!
    I too ordered Bombshell with the early-birds and received her on 7/15/11. I personally was dissappointed with the look. The style just wasn't me, so I returned them for a credit... but they loook very cute on you!

  2. Thanks hun! I haven't the slightest idea what to wear them with. So, can't decide rather to keep them. I didn't get them until last Friday I believe. So it was a LONG wait for me! :(

  3. I don't like them at all. And I am not saying that just because I dislike SD!

    Shoes and Jules

  4. LOL Well, I KNEW you wouldn't like them Jules! lol

  5. I do think some of their shoes are cute, but it seems like all of the celeb ones are horrible for some reason. :(

  6. She looks great on you Mia, but personally I don't really like her. I say she needs a shorter cigarette jean in a dark wash with a flowy top and a wide bold belt. simple jewelry and and a silver 4 finger clutch. 


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