Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yet ANOTHER "TREAT" for ShoeDazzle/Groupon - Expires 7/03/2011

There is some SERIOUS love in the air for Groupon & ShoeDazzle! Here's yet ANOTHER Groupon deal for $19 for a ShoeDazzle credit (valued at $39.95). And this one is good through MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY 7/03/2011! So even if money is funny and your change is strange, you can STILL get in on this one when payday comes around! If you're not sure how Groupon works, click here to find out the specifics. *This deal is for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY*

Still undecided about ShoeDazzle? Here are a few "TREATS" I've gotten from them to help you decide...
The ever popular Mel B's
Another popular one - Saga (gold)
Yet another hot one - Marilyn
So go ahead and grab your Groupon deal, and then sign up with ShoeDazzle. This is an offer you DON'T want to miss out on! Happy Shopping! ;)

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