Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday with JustFab

I went out for a little while on yesterday, and took a few JustFab "TREATS" with me! If you haven't already joined this club, here are a few reasons why you should.

As you already know, JustFabulous debuted their Sunglasses Collection back in May. The collection is nothing short of FABULOUS! I've posted previously about a couple of pair that I have. But yesterday, I took my Montego Bay's out. And as always, I got compliments from nearly everyone I passed! Here's a quick picture I took on my way out.

Montego Bay in Leopard from JustFabulous

I also wore the Mona's in camel. And while these are one of the higher heel height shoes I have, they are extremely comfortable!!! I always take a pair of flats with me (which my good friend Julie told me in NYC that they are NOT actually flats lol), because normally by the time I leave whatever event or service I'm going to, my feet are killing me. But this was NOT the case with Mona! I seriously did not want to take them off! One lady even jokingly told me not to DARE take them off my feet because she would take them! lol Here's a picture of the outfit.

Casual &  Comfy in my Mona's
Close up of Mona
Mona's true color
I also have them in the Olive color as well....

JustFabulous adds fabulous selections like these to my boutique every month; I am NEVER disappointed. If you want to indulge in these gorgeous "TREATS", click here to join the JustFab family! (yes, "we ARE a family"! LOL)

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